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PROBINANO Home and Office Mister

Not all surfaces can be sufficiently treated through regular cleaning. Some are very inaccessible (ceilings, air ducts…) and others cannot be cleaned frequently enough (carpet, curtains, radiators…).

Therefore, the Probinano Home & Office mister was developed to treat ALL surfaces permanently with the Synbio® technology.Through ultrasound vibrations synbiotically charged water particles are being generated of just 1µm (1/1000 of a millimeter!). This produces a very fine synbiotic mist that distributes quickly though the air and all indoor spaces. Through this mist the probiotics and prebiotics are placed on all surfaces in the room. The Home & Office mister generates about 1 million probiotics per second leading to a load of good bacteria in the entire room already after a few minutes. The prebiotics then boost the development of a good microflora on all surfaces.

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GIFT CERTIFICATE Vehicle & RV Odour Removal

All vehicles build up odours from regular use. There are the usual spills from food and beverages which often fall into difficult to reach areas. Tobacco smoke can contaminate all surfaces, crevice including its heating/cooling system. Pet and body odours can also cause seats and carpets to smell. Let’s not forget about the high count of germs/bacteria in your vehicle and its ventilation system. BIOSENSE vehicle treatment will effectively kill bacteria, viruses mould spores, allergens and neutralize odours. We can treat your vehicle at your location and treatment time is approximately 90 minutes.

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