PIP Ultra Air

PIP Ultra Air

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Size: 1 Litre

Ultra Air is the ideal solution to start creating a balanced micro flora in your home or business. When used in a spray bottle or preferably a fogger/mister. Broadcast the product over everything to start realizing the Probiotic results.

Reduces odours, dust mite allergens, harmful bacteria and mold/mildew growth

 Fabrics & textiles

 Upholstery& Carpets

 Vehicle interiors

 Gym mats, yoga equipment,

  Dance/fitness studios

Apply sparingly full strength. Do not make areas wet, but cover with a fine mist using a good quality fogger/mister

For severe odour or contamination issues, apply daily. Routine maintenance: apply every three days

 Janitorial / Sanitation

 Agriculture / Pet, Livestock

 Homes

 Hospitals, Medical Clinics,

Nursing Homes

 Restaurants & Hotels

 Recreation & Sports Facilities